Check Factory VS can interface to many accounting software applications in an almost seamless fashion. Check Factory relies on "Trigger Codes" embedded on each page of output generated by your accounting software. For more on trigger codes see Trigger Codes.

Check Factory reads the trigger code fields on each page and decides what to do based on the codes. The codes tell Check Factory what records to select from the Check Factory database. The records selected determine the way the final output is formatted without user intervention. If anything cannot be selected automatically the user will be prompted to make selections manually. The window below is probably familiar to Check Factory users. The company, Airport Management Services is pre selected and the rest of the company items are grayed out becuse the trigger codes were used to find a match in the Company file.

The same hold true for the Form. The APCHK form is preselected and the other forms cannot be selected by the operator. For demonstration purposes the Accounts are not grayed out and can be selected.

If you would like to see exactly what information is being passed to Check Factory you can use the menu items at the top of the window.

 "Show Trigger Codes" displays the codes that were found on the first page of the source PDF.

"View Source Document" lets you view the PDF output from your accounting software BEFORE it is processed by Check Factory. This can be very helpful when trying to diagnose problems and unexpected results.

The slides below provide a detailed look at how the "trigger codes" are used to select records from the Check Factory database resulting in a finished MICR encoded check.

We now know the Company ID. Now let's find the Form, the form overlay and if it is a check, is it AP, PR, or a Deposit Slip

We have the Company and Form. Now let's find a checking account. In this case, Check Factory will only look at accounts with a matching Company ID of AMS and only accounts designated as AP. This gives us two choices. Since the AccountID has been passed in the triggers we can make a definitive choice.

It looks complicated but if you follow the step by step above it is really a very simple chain of links that have to be satisfied.