Trigger Codes 

Trigger codes are lines of embedded text that are placed somewhere on each page of the print job generated by your  application. The codes pass critical information to Check Factory that allows it to automatically select the correct Company, Form and Account for processing. The codes may also pass the dollar amount, check number and email addresses of the recipients.  

Not all application software is alike. There are many ways that the codes can be placed on the page. Many applications use the Crystal Report Writer. Crystal provides many simple ways to place codes on the page. They range from dragging and dropping text and fields on to the page to creating formula fields. We recommend formula fields when using Crystal. There are many other report designers included with applications. Please consult your application specific documentation. 

Arguments in curly brackets { xxx } come from the accounting software database. 

 ||DBLINK = { Company ID } ||
Causes automatic selection of the Check Factory company. 

|| FORMID = { Form ID found in Form ID field of Check Factory Form Control Master File } ||
Causes automatic selection of the correct Check Factory form. 

|| ACCOUNTNO = {Checking Account ID found in Checking Account Control File} ||
Causes automatic selection of the Check Factory checking account. 

|| CHECKAMT = { dollar amount of current check being printed } ||
Amount is used for determining when to print automatic signatures. 

|| CHECKNO = { current check number } ||
Check Number is used to MICR encode the check number on the check. 

|| EMAIL = { email address } || 

|| EMAIL2 = { CC email address } || 

Note that each command is separated by two vertical bars (||) and the line starts and ends with a (||). The vertical bar character is shift-\ on your keyboard. ASCII(124). Spaces and case of the codes is not critical. Codes my be placed anywhere on the page but codes and their || delimiters must be on the exact same line. 

An example of a page generated with trigger codes on it: 

||FormID=APCHK||DBLNK= XYZ Company||

There cannot be any other text on either side of the trigger codes. We recommend that you extend them across the page from margin to margin like this:

Codes and argument must be on the same line. This may not work:

Trigger Code Fonts: 

Any font may be used for the trigger codes. Fonts are no longer restricted to printer resident fonts.